Trading Products


Soloprime brings you the best trading products from a variety of financial markets from around the world. Our aim is to give you the choice so you can pick the assets that you see as easy to trade. In addition to that, we want to give you the perfect opportunity to diversify your portfolio, which is the most important step in any trader/investor’s career. 

  • Stocks 

We bring you stocks from all around the world. Stocks give you a share in the company whose stocks you purchase. Now, it is important to know here that when you sign up with Soloprime, you will be trading these stocks in the form of CFDs. Trading CFDs is all about measuring the performance of an asset and predicting the movement of its price in the future.

You can invest your money in a variety of companies through this particular asset. You can buy the stocks of Google, Apple, Microsoft, Toyota, Amazon, and many others. We allow you to trade stock CFDs and benefit from huge leverages that you get when you sign up with us. Most importantly, you can take up any position you like. You can buy these CFDs or sell them as you like. 

Please click here to see the list of stocks that you can trade with Soloprime. 

  • Forex 

To better understand this market, you should call it forex currency pairs. It’s the currency pairs that you will be trading when you are in this market. The best thing about Soloprime is that we bring you the currency pairs from all around the world. We don’t limit you to only the famous and major currency pairs. 

At Soloprime, we allow you to trade stable currency pairs as well as some volatile ones. Different traders have different tastes and preferences while trading. So, we consider it our responsibility to bring them not only major, but minor and exotic currency pairs as well. 

With huge leverages and very tight spreads, you can have the best forex trading experience when you sign up with Soloprime. Click here to see the forex currency pairs that you can trade with Soloprime. 

  • Commodities

Commodities are the most interesting types of assets because in this category, you will see assets of varying kinds. When you trade stocks, you buy shares in companies and that’s it. When you trade forex currency pairs, you trade the obvious. On the other hand, you can trade a variety of assets when you trade commodities. 

If you are interested in trading energies, such as oil and gas, this is the category for you. We also allow you to trade some of the most precious metals when you sign up with us. In addition to that, you can trade some crops and fresh produce, such as wheat, cocoa beans, coffee beans, corn, orange juice, etc. 

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  • Indices

On the surface, indices feel like stocks. However, they are completely different. With the passage of time, humans have found ways to simplify trading. With stocks, people could trade only one stock at a time. To trade multiple stocks, they had to open multiple orders. This could get pretty messy quite soon. 

However, indices have solved that problem by allowing traders to trade many different stocks at the same time. You can think of indices as a bucket that contains many stocks within it. The value of the index is a cumulative value that reflects the overall performance of the assets within its bucket. 

Click here to see the indices that you can trade with Soloprime. 

  • Cryptocurrencies

These are the most popular tradable assets in the market right now. Cryptocurrencies are the latest form of assets, and probably the ones that will take over the world pretty soon. Those who are investing in this market will be considered the pioneering investors in a few years to come. 

Cryptocurrencies are digital assets, they don’t have any physical presence, and they are mined in the digital world as well. Some of the most common digital coins in the world are Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, Dogecoin, Binance, etc. Cryptocurrencies can be volatile, so you have to make up your mind before you invest your money in them. 

Click here to see a list of cryptocurrencies available on Soloprime’s asset index.  

Trading Platform


Soloprime brings you the most robust trading platform that you can get access to. Our trading platform has been designed with modern traders in mind. We understand your varying needs and how you want the trading platform to blend right into your lifestyle rather than you making adjustments according to the platform. We have promised to give our traders only the best and this platform is one proof of that. 

Compatible with All Devices

Our trading platform is compatible with just about all the devices out there. Whether you like to use your desktop computer, tablet, or smartphone for trading, we have got just the right solution for you. The compatibility of this software with these devices and the operating systems on them, make it one of the best ones out there. You don’t have to think twice before using our platform for all your trading needs. 

Best Tools Integrated

A trading platform is not complete without the right trading tools. These trading tools are designed to help you throughout your trading journey. It does not matter how long you have been trading for, the need for these tools does not diminish with time. Yes, you may choose a few select that you think are the best ones for you. That’s what makes you a professional trader i.e. you have a specific way to trade and the right set of tools that complements that type of trading. 

Our trading platform has all these tools integrated on it so whether you want to know the latest news from the financial markets or calculate your potential profits on your trades, you can use the trading platform for all. There are different types of charts that you can use to know only the prices of the assets or much more than that e.g. volume of trading, resistance levels, etc. 

Easy and User-friendly Interface

Soloprime understands that you want to focus on trading and making money from this activity. It does not make sense if you have to spend all your brain’s power on learning how the software works. The right, user-friendly, and intuitive trading platform does not take you time to learn. With our trading platform, you will be trading within a few minutes of learning its features. There is nothing difficult or complex. 

Our dashboard is designed to give you a quick glimpse of the overall market conditions. In addition to that, you can change and customize the layout of the dashboard to see the things that matter the most to you. 

Unifies All the Financial Markets

There is no need to move on to a new trading platform if you wish to trade many different types of assets. We provide you with CFD trading, which means you can trade all the assets on our trading platform even if they belong to different financial markets. Whether you want to trade forex or cryptocurrencies, you can find them all on our trading platform. Commodities, stocks, indices, precious metals, energies, etc. all are available for you to trade on this robust trading platform. 

Get in touch with us today to learn more about our trading platform or our trading services in general.

Forex Trading


If you want to become a trader, you can do that in many ways. One of the most common ways of trading around the world is forex trading. Soloprime has provided you with ample training material to learn what forex currency pairs are, how they work, and how you can strategize to earn profits from forex trading. 

Forex Trading

The concept of forex trading is quite simple. You trade a currency for another currency. That’s the reason they call them forex currency pairs because you are always trading two currencies at a time. Just like you buy other stuff with your money, in the forex market, you buy one currency by selling the one you have. Now, these currencies have different exchange rates. There are many different factors that affect the value of the currencies. The idea is to profit from these changing conversion rates by either buying or selling a particular currency. 

Detailed Understanding of Forex Trading 

Since trading is performed in the form of a pair, you will always see these currency pairs stated as GBP/USD, USD/CHF, USD/JPY, and EUR/USD for instance. The currency that is stated to the left side of the pair is your base currency whereas the one on the right side is the quote currency. With each currency pair, you will see some numbers. This number is the conversion rate that tells you how many of the quote currency units you will need to buy one unit of the base currency. In other words, you will always read the base currency side of the pair as 1. 

So, if you see a currency pair ABC/DEF 1.00005, this means that you will have to spend 1.00005 units of DEF to buy one unit of ABC. That’s how you will always read the currency pairs. Again, you can see that you are buying a currency and selling one at the same time. 

The idea is to be able to benefit from the price fluctuation. If you see that a currency is about to go down in value, you would want to sell it in the market. Why? Well, because you can sell it at a higher price today than you will tomorrow. So, you can sell it today, and then when the price goes down, you will buy it back. The difference in the prices will be your profit. 

Another way to trade is to buy the currency first and selling it in the market later. In this particular instance, you would want the price of the currency to go up. Why? Because you can buy it at a cheaper price today than you will tomorrow. So, if you purchased a currency today for an exchange rate of 1.5, you can sell it back into the market at 1.7 tomorrow, after its price has gone up. This means, you will be earning a profit of 0.2 units on every unit of your trade. 

Things to Consider before Trading Forex

There are certain things that you will have to learn before you start trading forex currency pairs. Let’s take a look at a few. 

  • Know the Factors That Affect Currency Value

Firstly, you have to know the factors that affect the value of the currency. The conditions in a country, the political circumstances, import situation, etc. can determine the value of a currency. Unless you know these factors, you can’t know whether you should buy or sell a currency. 

  • Learn to Use Trading Tools

There are many tools that can help you with your trades. For example, you have to look at the price chart of the asset to know which direction the price of the asset has been going. You can make some basic predictions based on the graph. You can then use charts that show you trading volume to get further insight. 

  • Be in the Know of Things

Be as connected with the market news as possible. News can help you a great deal in knowing forex dynamics. For example, vaccination of the entire country could lead to a strengthening dollar, but you will know about the vaccination condition from the news only. 

If you have been waiting for a long time to start your forex trading career, join Soloprime today by clicking here and open your first trading account.

Cryptocurrency Trading


Cryptocurrencies make up the latest financial market that has been becoming popular in the world with each passing day. Cryptocurrencies are digital currencies that are created online and can be used for a variety of purposes. The acceptance of the digital currencies will lay the foundation of a completely new and different global economic system. When you trade digital currencies, you either trade one for another, or you trade one digital currency for a fiat currency. 

Cryptocurrency Trading – The Basics

If you remove the “digital” part of the digital currencies, you are talking about currencies. You can say that they are very similar to the currencies that you use today if you look at things superficially. People might not tell you this but the real difference between digital currencies and fiat currencies is the philosophy that dictates their creation and distribution. As mentioned above, you can trade digital currencies in a variety of ways. 

You can trade one digital coin for another digital coin or you can trade a digital coin for another fiat currency. It is up to you how you want to trade. You can either trade them on exchanges, or Soloprime is here to provide you with trustable and authentic cryptocurrency trading services. 

Cryptocurrency Trading – A Detailed Understanding

So, you have graphs and charts that show you the movement of the prices of these digital assets just like you have graphs and charts for forex currencies. There are many different factors that affect the prices of the digital coins. The most important thing that you have to know is that you have to trade these currencies in the form of pairs. You can execute your trade in any direction. You can sell your fiat currency to buy a digital coin or you can sell a digital currency to buy a fiat currency. 

Just like you have pairs in the forex market that show you a base currency and a quote currency, you will see these pairs in the cryptocurrency trading world as well. One of the most common and popular digital currency to fiat currency pair is BTC/USD, in which you have Bitcoin as the base currency and the USD as the quote currency. Other famous cryptocurrency to fiat currency pairs include LTC/USD and ETH/USD. 

You have to notice here that these digital currencies are currently valued higher than fiat currencies. At the same time, another thing you have to notice is that USD is the most famous fiat currency that you can trade against these digital coins. In other words, you might be out of luck if you have some other base currency to buy a digital currency. 

Things to Consider before Trading Cryptocurrencies

Here are a few important considerations before you put your life’s savings in the cryptocurrency trading market. 

  • Regulation Information

This is the most important thing you have to know before you invest your money in any digital asset. Digital currencies are decentralized and any extent of regulation can overshadow their popularity. Whenever there is news of a new regulation in association with digital currencies, you will see the prices of the digital assets going down. So, you have to stay connected to the news platforms to know about any upcoming regulations. 

  • Most Popular Digital Currencies

It might seem a bit biased but you have to be backing the most famous and recognized digital currencies right now. You have more than 4000 digital currencies in the market right now. Each digital currency stands for a different cause and provides you with a unique value. However, many of these cryptocurrencies do not survive for too long. They disappear from the scene for various reasons. You don’t want to invest in a digital currency without proper research and thought because that could end you up with regrets. 

  • Type of Trading 

Another important point to consider is the type of trading or the way you want to trade digital currencies. As stated earlier, you can trade digital currencies through online exchanges, with your peers, or with the help of online brokers, such as Soloprime. With exchanges, you just give the money you have in exchange of the cryptocurrency. Trading with peers is not a long-term solution to your trading career. Yes, when you trade digital currencies with Soloprime, we provide you with all the training material, professional help, and opportunities to make the most out of your trading career. 

Sign up with one of our carefully designed trading accounts and be one of the pioneering cryptocurrency traders.

CFD Trading


Soloprime provides you with reliable, tech-oriented, and trader-friendly CFD trading services. Our online trading platform has been designed with your specific needs in mind and with all the features that are focused on making your CFD trading experience the best. CFD is one of the most popular ways of trading today, and also the one that traders think is the easiest. 

CFD Trading – The Basics

The short abbreviation CFD stands for contracts for difference. These contracts are derivatives that are following a main asset, but are not an ownership contract of the asset itself. When you trade, for example, a commodity CFD, you are only trading the contract, not the commodity itself. You will not own the commodity that appears on your contract nor will you be under the obligation to buy or sell it in the future. That’s what makes CFD trading a great way to trade on the internet today. You predict the price of the asset in the future, if it moves in the direction you have specified, you earn profits. 

CFD Trading – A Detailed Understanding

Now, when you look at CFDs, you have to realize that traders do not have the money to own an asset all the time. At times, they are looking to profit from the price movement without owning the asset. In other words, when you trade CFDs, you are not trading the asset at all or praying the price of the asset based on the units you purchase. You are only trading the contract. The contract will be between you and the broker that you have signed up with. This contract matures at a future date that you decide when entering the trade. 

You see an asset in the market and you believe from your fundamental and technical analyses that it will go up in value at a certain date in the future. This means you will be considering a long position in the trade. A long position means that you will own the asset first with an intent to sell it back into the market at a future date after the price increase. 

Here, you don’t buy the asset even if you go long on the position. You only predict that the price of the asset will go up at a future date. If the price does go to the point that you predicted, you will benefit from that trade. You just purchase a set limit or number of CFD contracts for that asset. When the price goes up, you sell those units back into the market and earn the profits on your trade. 

The best thing about CFD trading is that you can use leverages to increase the sizes of your trades, and as a result, the sizes of your profits as well. Furthermore, CFDs put you under no obligation of owning the asset. With that, you don’t have to spend your money to own specific numbers of units of that asset. CFDs are much more affordable than owning stocks or any other assets for that matter. 

Things to Consider before Trading CFDs

Here are the most important pointers you must consider before you start trading CFDs on any online trading platform. 

  • Choose the Right Broker

If you have performed enough research, you would know that regulation is not the strongest suit of this market. In other words, you have to be sure that you sign up with a reliable, trusted, and experienced company. That’s where Soloprime comes in to provide you with secure, safe, and renowned trading services on the internet. 

  • Use Leverages Carefully 

Leverages make CFD trading one of the most favorite ways of trading for new traders. They like the fact that they can control huge trades with leverages, which might not otherwise fit their budgets. When you use leverage, you have to know that it can work against you just as much as it can work in your favor. Soloprime helps you learn through the training material how you can use leverage and what mistakes to avoid to make the best of this great feature. 

  • Be Realistic

Just because CFD trading is very famous today does not mean everyone who has tried it has become a millionaire. This type of trading requires skills and a lot of learning over the course of time. CFD trading is no magical potion or a magic wand. 

Sign up with Soloprime today and enjoy reliable and secure CFD trading services on a robust platform.