Terms and Conditions


Soloprime, henceforth referred to as we, us, our, this site, encourages you to thoroughly read the terms and conditions before the use of the website or any of our services. These terms and conditions lay the foundation of your agreement with Soloprime and govern your use of our services, applications, partner services, website features, tools, and the website. By using the website, you are giving your consent to these term and conditions. 

Time to time, we can make changes to these policies without being held responsible or liable for giving prior notice to our clients, customers, and users. 

These terms and conditions do not overrule or remove the effectiveness of other agreements that you may have reached with us for the use of other services and products. Instead, the rules within these conditions and terms supplement those agreements. 

Information Sharing and Website User Responsibility 

Soloprime does not allow or encourage the use of its website or services in areas where the core services of our company are considered illegal. Users have to beware and avoid sharing this info to people residing in those regions. The use or share of information in regions where our services are prohibited by law will not hold us accountable for the distribution. 

Professional Consultation or Advisory 

The information on the website or the information provided by us to you through any of our services or products is intended only for informational and helpful purposes. It is not professional advice and hence must not be used as such. 

Copyright Information

Any piece of data, visual, auditory, or text-only, which you find on this website is protected through copyrights. Use of such information can only be allowed with Soloprime’s permission. Even if you use any format of data from our website on your website or through your content, you must express clearly to the readers, viewers, or beneficiaries of that piece of data that we do not endorse, support, or promote that piece of information. 

Limitation to Information Access

Certain parts, features, elements, pieces of data, etc. on the website are not available to people in certain regions. It could be due to geographical internet restraints or because those regions prohibit the use of or benefitting from the services provided by Soloprime. We have the legal right to limit the access of our features, website elements, data pieces, etc. to people in such regions. 


Data and Content by Authorized Third Parties

The use of Soloprime’s services, products, tools, platforms, etc. will result in users encountering data that comes from third parties. We do our best to clearly state the source of that data regardless of where it is placed or disseminated from. This data is only for information purposes or to enhance the trading experience of the users. No data from these third parties should be consider legal, professional advice, or consultation. 

Additionally, the third parties or Soloprime cannot be held responsible for the accuracy of the data. Despite the best efforts that we utilize in making the information apt, up-to-date, precise, etc. certain human errors, timeliness issues, dynamics of the markets, etc. can make the data appear completely or partially inaccurate. We or third parties will not be held responsible or liable for the accuracy of that data. 

Your use of the data on our website or through any of our services does not hold us liable for the damages that may result after your use of that data. The same applies to the use of any third party data that you use from our website or other services. 

Third Party URLs

During your use of our website and services, you may come across links that cause you to leave our website and land on third party website or services. By reading these terms and conditions, you agree that you will not hold us legally responsible for the accuracy of that data or liable for the damages that may occur after your use of that data. 

All Warranties Void

By reading these terms and conditions and continuing the use of our website and services, you agree that none of our services have any warranties associated with them in terms of results, promises, outcomes, outputs, etc. We do not agree to warranty the accuracy of the content or the outcomes that may result from your use of the content. 


By using this website, you agree to these terms and conditions, and as a result, you agree to set Soloprime legally free of any obligations, fees, lawsuits, damages, service charges, etc. that may result from the use of our services or their violation by you.

Extent of Our Liability

We do not warrant the accuracy of our content or the results from the use of that content, data, services, etc. Additionally, certain elements or components of our overall services may not be in our control. Any damages that may result from the use of certain components will free Soloprime of any liability or legal claims.  


Passwords and Confidential Data Protection

Your passwords, account number, and other such data is in your ownership and thus requires you to protect it. Once such information has been given to you by Soloprime, its use on the website to access your account or other details will be considered valid by Soloprime. Soloprime will consider any passwords entered on the website or data provided to be yours or belonging to someone who you have authorized to use your data.  

End of Use

Soloprime maintains the rights to end your use of our website or services without a notice served beforehand. 

Understanding of Risk

When using our services, tools, website, trading platforms, information, and data, you agree that through these terms and conditions, you have been fully warned about the risks involved in trading CFDs. You agree that you could end up losing all your investments, and you give your consent that you will not hold Soloprime responsible or liable for the loss of your investments while trading CFDs, due to the nature of the activity and the fact that you had been forewarned. 

Changes to terms and conditions can be made by Soloprime time to time without being under the obligation of informing the users, beneficiaries, and affectees through any means.  

Protection of Funds


It is important that you ask us about the methods we are using to protect your funds. We are glad to answer your questions because we know we are using only the safest methods of accepting your payments. Here is how Soloprime makes sure that your money is transferred to your account safely and rests protected in the account for as long as you want. 

Use of Safe Methods

Firstly, we rely only on the safest methods for you to transfer funds to your accounts. We will never ask you to send us cash in mail because that’s not safe. Not to mention, that’s an outdated way of transferring money. We make sure you use a method that makes sense to you. So, you can use your credit or debit card for money transfer, or you can go with the bank wire transfer. Internet payment options are also available, including but not limited to Skrill, Neteller, etc. 

Accounts at Regulated Banks 

Just like we encourage you to research your options before you sign up with a company, we have done our research before choosing the bank for storing your funds. We don’t want to keep our money and the funds of our traders in a bank that is not reliable and completely unknown in the world. We have picked only the most renowned banks that are frequently regulated for their great services. 

Segregated Accounts

This is an important point to remember even if you are signing up with some other broker on the internet. You have to make sure that your money is being kept in separate accounts. Why you have to do that is because there have been instances of online brokers that required their traders to put money in the account where the broker had its own money. 

This money from the traders gets mixed up with the money of the company and it is the trader who is at the losing end of the stick. In the case of Soloprime, we make sure that your accounts are maintained at regulated banks and that all the money that you deposit in your online trading account is kept safely in segregated funds. 

Proper Identity Confirmation

When you sign up with Soloprime, you will have to provide ample identification information before you can start trading. The reason for the presence of such security checks is that many people are trying to us the online trading platform for laundering money. Some keep their black money in the account for purchasing illegal stuff on the internet. 

Soloprime makes sure that every person who signs up with its service provides their personal information including the information about the physical location. All of this information is obtained from you for the purpose of making sure that you are legitimate person looking for a legal way of trading online. 

Sign up with Soloprime today and find out how trading feels when you have a sense of security while trading your hard-earned money.

Privacy Policy


Make sure to go through the Privacy Policy carefully because the privacy of your information after it has been obtained by Soloprime is dictated by the Privacy Policy on this page. 

Soloprime believes in the protection of every customers’ data as valuable information that must not be leaked or compromised on. Please know that Soloprime (referred to as “we” henceforth) will take all possible measures to protect your data. 

It is imperative for every trader to be knowledgeable about the disclosure of certain piece of personal data at the time of signing up with Soloprime. 

As a trader, the starting of a trading account requires you to disclose your personal identification information in addition to the information about your location, and contact details. Non-provision of this data gives us right to not allow you to sign up. Please not that for depositing funds in your account and from your account online trading account to your bank account, we will require your banking data as well.  

The acquisition of information by us (Soloprime) can take place through various channels and at various points during the customer journey, such as, but not limited to, through sign-up form, through contact form details, through phone conversations, etc. 

How you use Soloprime’s website is also recorded for the purpose of improving the services for you. 

Soloprime will allow its select partners and affiliates who are chosen to provide you with a service, directly or indirectly. While considering the safety protocols of your information, Soloprime has the right to share it with law enforcement agencies, for the purpose of protecting the integrity of the company, with third-parties that provide Soloprime with consultation, advisory, research, etc. services.

Despite our best efforts that we put in to protect your personal information, the nature of the internet and web connectivity immunes us from any liability if your data is leaked, breached, or compromised by various malicious cyber activities. 

You are required to notify us whenever a change occurs in your personal or banking details that you have shared with us. You can do the same for the erasing of your information from our records. In certain instances, and due to the abiding of certain legal standards and protocols, the complete obliteration of your data from our records may not be possible.  

We use cookies to monitor your sessions on the website. The cookie is a small file that is placed on your computer as an identifier every time you visit our website again. The purpose of placing cookies on your computer is for the improvement of the services provided to you. 

The control of cookies is somewhat in your control through the browser you are using for accessing the website. However, you must be aware that disabling certain elements of the cookies can affect your overall experience on the website. At Soloprime, we always recommend our traders to allow the placement of cookies on their computers for us to provide them with unique services tailored to their experience with us and their expectations from us. 

Privacy Terms Pertaining to the Use of Mobile Application

This part of the privacy policy governs your use of the Soloprime mobile application. Once you download the application on your mobile, we will use a unique app identifier to get hardware, software, and other particular information about the device that is in your use. 

Please keep in mind that this identifier will stay there on your mobile device for as long as you have the application on your smartphone.  

How much data the Soloprime application access on your phone can depend on the type of operating system you have on the device. The installation and use of the application gives Soloprime the access to certain operations on your device. Such functions include but may not be limited to the following:

Connectivity of the device with the internet

Memory of the phone for the purpose of storing images taken for the application

Microphone or other hearing devices on the phone

Gallery of images to allow the application to use the images from the gallery for sending them to us

The modes on the phone to allow the application to function in the background when the user is not actively using it

How much access you give to the Soloprime application on your phone may depend on the type of operating system you are using. Some operating systems allow you to control the privacy settings before you install the applications. You can disable the app in the background through various phone functions. Additionally, you can always remove the application from your phone to disallow the access to all of these folders on your device.  

To improve the performance the application, we collect data from the user’s device in terms of their use of the application. The data collected for application improvement purpose does not contain any elements which may result in identifying the user to us. 

Disagreement to this privacy policy requires you to stop the use of the application if you have it on your device already or not install it at all if you haven’t already gone through this process. 

Soloprime we continue to bring in new measures to protect your data and thus changes are brought about in the Privacy Policy. Soloprime can change these policies when required without notifying you through any means. 

Payment Features and Support


As a reliable online broker, Soloprime considers it a responsibility to clarify all the payment features to its traders. We believe you should know the methods that you can use for banking and the commissions or fees that are associated with your deposits and withdrawals. Here are some of the methods that you can use for funding your online trading account. 

Credit and Debit Cards

You can use your credit or debit card for making a payment and depositing funds in your account. We allow you to use the safest credit and debit card companies known around the world so you can fund your account with peace of mind. You can use your Mastercard or Visa debit or credit card whenever you want. 

One of the things you have to know is that when you deposit funds through credit or debit card, the money appears in your online trading account almost instantly. The minimum amount that you can deposit through your credit or debit card is $250 whereas the maximum amount can be as big as $10,000. Do talk to your bank though since the amount you can transfer may also depend on your credit limit that the bank has set on your credit card. 

Bank Wire Transfer

Bank wire transfer is the safest method that you can use for transferring money into your account. Also, it is one of the most commonly used methods by traders who pay attention to the security of their funds. The only downside to this method of transferring money is that it will not transfer the money instantly into your account. 

In addition to that, you might have to pay a fee to your bank for this type of transfer. It can take anywhere from 3 working days to a complete work week for your money to transfer successfully for your bank wire transfer to your online trading account. 

Internet Transfers 

Today, you have a variety of online methods available for transferring funds from point A to point B. So, if you are thinking about a safe way to transfer money to your online trading account, you should go with the internet transfers. Skrill and Neteller are some of the most famous and commonly used internet payment transfer methods used all around the world by traders and people who like to shop online. 

Important Note 

Keep in mind that you can only use the account on which you have your name. Yes, you can use your joint account as well, but your name has to appear on the account. In addition to that, we might need some additional details from you, for which you should get in touch with our customer support. 

Banking Fees and Charges 

Before you transfer money into your account, you have to know that Soloprime does not charge you any unnecessary fees on your money transfers. You do, however, have to keep in mind that all your money transfers take place through your bank. This means your bank will charge you some fee or service charge when you use their services for transferring funds to your online trading account. 

If there are any fees involved in the money transfer process, we will let you know about that already. We will not surprise you at the end with some service charges or fees that you already don’t know about. 

Another important thing that you have to know here is that you can use only one method for transferring funds into your account and then withdrawing the same money. What it means is that the method you have used for sending money into your online trading account is the only method you can use when it comes to withdrawing funds from your account.

You have to make sure that your name appears on the account that you are providing us the details with. You cannot transfer money into your online trading account using your credit card and then withdraw funds into your online internet account option or through wire transfer. 

Sign up with us today to trade the best assets from the best financial markets without worrying about hidden costs and shocking service charges.

Leverage and Margin Requirements



With leverage, you are supposed to enter trades that you can’t otherwise pull off with the money that you have in your account. At Soloprime, we provide you with huge leverages so you can increase your trade sizes and as a result, the sizes of your profits. However, you have to make sure that the leverage can work both ways. It is important to understand how leverages work and what risks are involved before you support your trades with this particular trading feature. 

With Soloprime, you can enjoy leverages of up to 1:100 on most of the assets. However, it is important that you look at the individual information of each asset before you trade it because leverages can change from asset to asset as well. 

Margin Requirements 

Margin requirements dictate the amount of money that you have to have in your account before you can pull off a trade. This amount of money needs to be there in your account in the case of a losing trade. For the broker, this amount helps them recover any amounts that you may have lost in a trade in access to the amount of money that you invested in the trade. At Soloprime, we have kept our margin requirements as low and flexible as possible. 



At Soloprime, we try to make the life of our trader as easy as possible. It is totally up to you how you take advantage of our trading platform and the assets that we have made available to you for your trading career. However, when you trade, you have to pay a commission on each trade. In addition to that, most other traders have to pay commissions when they deposit money in their accounts and when they withdraw the same money. 

Soloprime will make your life easier by charging you no extra commissions on your trades or deposits and withdrawals. If there are any commissions involved in any process, you can rest assured that we will tell you about those commissions beforehand.